After All These Years

I met her on a blind-date; she should never have allowed me a second date; she used her feminine wiles to maneuver me into an unplanned proposal five months later, just hours after trusting Christ.  Less than ten months after the blind-date at the tender and naïve age of nineteen years … I stood with […]

Breakfast With Mr. Frog

Breakfast With Mr. Frog

Once upon a time in the kingdom of LuMarFin, on a warm and sunny morning, a sweet little girl with blue eyes and blonde hair went for a walk by the pond.  She came upon a friendly green frog as he was preparing his breakfast on a big green lily pad.   “Good morning Mr. […]

Sleeping red kitten

Once Upon A Time …

Once upon a time in the magical land of LuMarFin, a pretty little princess with golden hair and lovely blue eyes and pretty pink lips was resisting the whole idea of taking a nap.  The queen of LuMarFin sighed as she listened to the rhythmic thumping from the second floor of the castle that the […]

This Bird is Driving Me Nuts

This bird has been singing around the house all day and it’s driving me nuts.  I haven’t been able to spot him/her.  I don’t recognize the song.  I’ve been hearing the song all day and am very curious as to why I don’t remember ever hearing it before and who the virtuoso is.  In this […]

The Relation Between My Sinuses and My Underwear

The Relation Between My Sinuses and My Underwear

I’ve had a battle this season with the sinus infection.  Linda tells me that this is the third time this year and it’s getting tiresome. The second bout found me getting acquainted with the idea of “hosing my nose”; the process of washing my sinus cavities out with salt water by forcing salt water up […]

Weird, Sad, and Sore

WEIRD: Sometimes, weird things just happen.  The details are too involved and convoluted to rehearse here but suffice to say that I am the recipient of 5 – 2’x4′ foldable, adjustable height tables that I got for nothing in spite of attempts to either return or pay for them.   Quick version (if you can […]

Lucy and her Daddy in "the house out back"

Fun at Casa del LuMarFin

My girlfriend and I arrived at Casa del LuMarFin this afternoon for a few hours of being Grampy and Grammy before retiring for the night and heading to the Chicago area for ministry tomorrow morning.  It’s a lot of fun interacting with these sweet girls.  I spent some time with Lucy as she played in […]

The Battle Against Bird Poop

The Battle Against Bird Poop

I’m fighting a defensive battle with the birds this year.  On one front, there are the ubiquitous sparrows.  A few days ago, I was alerted to their initial foray into forbidden territory by the sound of rhythmic scratching heard above the kitchen window.  I immediately identified the sound as that of sparrow scouts surveying the […]