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Over a period of more than 45 years I tried dozens of home maintenance and cleaning options while raising three children to adulthood and controlling the evidence trail of a “messy” husband.   Now, I’ve finally found a cleaning solution that works extremely well and doesn’t frighten the wits out of me when I read the warning labels and consider the potential side effects of using the product in the bottle. That solution is NORWEX products.   I don’t talk about “cleaning my house” anymore — I talk about “NORWEXING my house”!   Now I just need to figure out how to NORWEX that “messy” husband!

I’m getting to that time of life now when I want to step out of the role of working mother/wife and relax more, paying more attention to taking care of my home and enjoying things I like to do.   NORWEX will help me to do all of those things by providing the tools I need and, hopefully, the income needed to to realize that dream.   I’m selling NORWEX, certainly because I enjoy the reward of the personal income, but even moreso because I believe in the product and want to share it with others.   It would be my pleasure to share those products with you and to be your supply source as you discover a wonderful line of products that I just KNOW you will love, once you’ve tried them.


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