Know Your Enemy

I was amused as I read the account of the Somali pirates who mistook a French naval flagship for a merchant vessel and tried to board it before realizing their mistake. The moral of the story is “know thine enemy.” Sun Tzu (The Art of War) wrote, “If you know yourself but not your enemy, […]

URGENT: A Human Tragedy You Can Help Avert

URGENT: A Human Tragedy You Can Help Avert

One would not likely know by listening to the American media outlets that there is a human tragedy unfolding in Northeast Indian states of Manipur and Mizoram.  IFCA International (a organization of Independent Bible Churches) has recently been in communication with some of our members in Manipur who represent the Zo Christian Bible Church and Thangkhal […]

Dying Thoughts

Puritan writer/preacher, Richard Baxter was a powerful spiritual force in 17th Century England.  J.I. Packer referred to him as “a man for all ministries.”  In Kidderminster, there is a statue in memory of Baxter and this inscription appears at its base:  ‘Between the years 1640 and 1660 this town was the scene of the labours […]

Home Again, Home Again … But Not Dancing A Jig :-)

Linda and I have just returned home after an enjoyable weekend of travel and ministry.  Leaving here on Friday afternoon we made our first stop at the home of Chaplain Meyer in Nevada IA.  These folks are quickly becoming good friends and we enjoy spending time with them.  I was quite tickled with our success […]

Cool Eclipse Video

The Eclipse of the Century


One little key click wiped out a portion of my life … I was doing some housekeeping and deleting some extraneous e-mail accounts … ones that I haven’t used in ages.  I deleted a Gmail account and poof! … My blog was gone and it was buried before I knew it.  Soooo … I’ve left […]