Taking the Back Way

Written from Linda’s perspective: We got up at 7am this morning, packed up and headed out toward Fresno.  We took the long route up into the mountains, stopping at the grave of George Hicks Fancher.  He moved to Merced from New York and was a wealthy rancher who wanted to be sure people would remember […]

A Beautiful Woman and the Homeless Man

Written from Linda’s perspective: We had a good long sleep and arose at 6:40 AM!  Today is our daughter Charissa’s birthday and we called and sang happy birthday to her on her voice mail.  Wish we could have been with her to celebrate. We prepared to go and meet Ramone at the Merced-mini storage unit […]

Sunday After

Written from Linda’s perspective: We attended the Atwater Community Bible Church this morning but not before Tim had some fun with the car horn.  Someone’s car alarm went off and the horn beeped for couple of minutes before it went off.  Then Tim sat in our room and hit the lock button on the key […]

Memorial Service Saturday

Written from Linda’s perspective: We slept in a little later this morning and then went to the Waffle House for breakfast.  I went to Rose Nails for a mini while Tim sat in the car and waited.  We then returned back to the room until we left for the cemetery at 1:30.  We held the […]

The Trip Begins

Hi Readers!  I’ve asked my sweetheart and traveling companion to journal our California trip and will be posting her “reflections” here, albeit a day or two behind time.  She’s was hesitant to do it at first, but I think she does just fine and hope you will enjoy her “view” of things. (T.) We went […]

Expectancy becomes Imminency

Expectancy becomes Imminency

“I think my water broke!” “OK, we’re on our way!” Such was the conversation, with my daughter Charissa, which altered the carefully planned events for the evening of June 5, 2014. Linda and I had been packed and ready to go for several days while we awaited the onset of labor which would culminate in […]

Keep Your Answers: Give Me Solutions

Keep Your Answers: Give Me Solutions

I think about the ministry of church planting, and its many and varied aspects, during a large number of my waking hours.  While there is a good bit that encourages me, I must confess that there are some things that are just downright frustrating.  When I think about those frustrating things, they cause me to […]



I spent the better part of yesterday packing up the earthly possessions of my 92 year old mother as prelude to locking them up in a storage unit.  She is currently in “limbo” regarding her future place of residence while she spends time in a rehab facility after breaking both of her legs in a […]

Lucy’s Coming

Just got a TXT telling me that Lucy is on her way! Yay! There’s an air of joyous exuberance in the air here. Yeah, she’s bringing her parents with her and that’s OK, we’re happy to see them too! Lucy doesn’t know it, of course, but she is a perfect antidote for whatever makes one […]

Happy to be Steam Punk

Linda and I enjoyed celebrating her birthday and Father’s day by spending two days in McGregor IA where we took an ornithological tour on the Mississippi, poked around in some antique shops and browsed a huge flea market. In spite of the name, we did not find any fleas at the flea market but we […]