Caramel Crunch

Caramel Crunch

I’ve got a hat-trick going now.  After months of no inspiration for my creative motives I’ve suddenly been inspired to “create” for three days running now. This pendant, utilizing an agate slice combined with some glass bi-cone and seed beads shall be known ad “Caramel Crunch” and is available for 21.95 + 2.60 postage. Want […]

Etsy is Gone and I'll Make You a Cuff Bracelet!

Etsy is Gone and I’ll Make You a Cuff Bracelet!

Finally, this morning, I got resolution to my Etsy snafu (See April 1 Post).  The sad thing is that while the end result was what I wanted, they never DID express an understanding of the problem and even in the resolution their response indicated that they were oblivious to the issues involved even as they […]