Beady Eyed but Happy!

I decided to take a leap into a challenge that I’ve been considering with my jewelry making hobby for some time now.  It’s one thing to wire-wrap gemstones, creatively string beads for necklaces and bracelets, and recycle old belts into cuff bracelets.  It’s fun to do and I enjoy it but I’ve often looked at the complex and beautiful pieces made by others that involved hundreds of beads held together by seeming invisible forces.  I admired them but dismissed the possibility of making them because they were “too difficult”.  While browsing for ideas on the internet recently, I came across some videos that showed one how to do some bead stitching in various patterns and so I decided to give it a go.  After several starts and stops, frustration and bewilderment, my fingers actually started making something that looked decent.  It involved about four hours of close work with a fine flexible needle and some very fine mono-filament and squinting through a pair of magnifying glasses that make me look like Locutus Borg.  Using 26 6mm glass pearl beads, 52 4/6 green crystal rondelles, 535 gold glass 11/0 seed beads (not counting the ones that I dropped on the floor) I managed to create this size 7-1/2 flat spiral stitch bracelet with a toggle clasp.  I only have one … but I have enough confidence that I can make more to order (as long as I’m not flooded with requests) and can vary the colors as well.  I call this one “Emerald Ice” and it’s available for 24.95 + 2.60 postage.

Emerald Ice Bracelet – 24.95 + 2.60 postage