Cotton Candy

Machine made cotton candy, a product that is almost 100% sugar, was created in 1897 by, of all people, a DENTIST named William Morrison, in cahoots with a confectioner by the name of John Wharton.  It was introduced at the 1904 World’s Fair under the name “Fairy Floss”.  They sold almost 69,000 boxes at .25 per box.  That translates to about 7.00 per box today, totaling $483,000 in sales!  It was not known by the name “Cotton Candy” until another machine was invented by another DENTIST, Joseph Lascaux, who named his product “cotton candy” and “fairy floss” fell into disuse.  I find it hilariously ironic that this candy product of pure sugar was created and promoted by dental professionals!

Using a pink agate slice and some glass beads and silver plated wire I created this pendant which I’ve called “Cotton Candy”.   It’s available for 24.95 + 2.60 postage.  It would make a great Mothers Day gift!