Foggy Morning

I awakened at 4:30 am today.  My girlfriend was sleeping peacefully on half the bed and, hoping to drift back into a dream state, I lay there watching her sleep, brushing her nose with my finger each time there was the whisper of a snore and smiling as she would raise her hand to rub her nose in her sleep.  It was effective in maintaining a quietness that enabled me to hear the tentative twittering of waking birds through the open window.  Behind me, on the bed, lay Noelle.  Ordinarily Noelle can be found curled up into a compact ball on the corner of the bed. For some reason, this morning, she had departed from the usual habit and was stretched out full length along the back of my legs with front and back legs fully extended and tail switching lazily back and forth like a metronome in sync with my girlfriend’s breathing.  I was hemmed in, confined … trapped on a narrow stretch of the bed … like a man in danger of being crushed by soft, warm, furry things and with no way to escape.  I lay like that for 30 minutes and when my knee began aching I resigned myself to the unlikelihood that I would be able to return to sleep.  Carefully extricating myself from the narrow strip of bed that was designated as mine I managed to leave behind the sleeping occupants, undisturbed and began my day as the living room clock softly chimed the five-o-clock hour.

With cup of starter fluid (aka: coffee) in hand I made my way downstairs and with the first sip I decided to take up the unfinished pendant from last night.  The result is pictured here and I call it “Foggy Morning”.  It’s available for 21.95 + 2.60 postage to whoever speaks for it first.

Once it had the finishing touches, I sat down and pulled the couch blanket around me and returned to sleep for an hour before the beauty of the bed presented me with my breakfast of chicken sausage, apple and kale stir fry!