You Can’t Do That!!!

Paid a visit to the doctor today who is treating my knee problems.  One element of the result was the scheduling of arthroscopic surgery for mid-May, on a tentative basis in case an alternative approach doesn’t work.  During the processing of paperwork the nurse mentioned that, because of a 300 lb weight limit we would have to do the surgery at the local hospital instead of the Clinic Surgical Center.   It seems as though the last time I was weighed at this doctor’s office (in January) I clocked in at 319 lbs.  I immediately objected and told the nurse that I was well under 300 lbs.  She marched me into the hallway and down to the nurses station and pointed to the scale and bid me mount it.  I asked if I could take off my shoes and she consented.  I removed my wallet and phone and then turned to her and said, “You know, when I weigh myself at home I do it without any clothing, can I take off my clothes so we get an accurate reading?

Quickly shaking her head she looked at me and in a voice just barely above a whisper said, “No, you can’t do that!”

I tipped the scale at 295 with my clothes on.  She changed the form so I could have the surgery at the Surgical Center.  I’m thankful to my girlfriend for her faithfulness in working hard since mid-February, to provide me only meals that are healthy and nothing more.  She gets the credit!

On another note … what could the patient’s weight have to do with determining the location at which such knee surgery is to be performed?