Weird, Sad, and Sore

WEIRD: Sometimes, weird things just happen.  The details are too involved and convoluted to rehearse here but suffice to say that I am the recipient of 5 – 2’x4′ foldable, adjustable height tables that I got for nothing in spite of attempts to either return or pay for them.   Quick version (if you can keep track).  I ordered four from manufacturer -> Found them cheaper at another location -> Called manufacturer to cancel order but it was already in pipeline, was advised to refuse delivery (tomorrow) and my payment method would be credited upon their return -> Went to the cheaper source and ordered 3 (could not order 4 because of quantity limit) -> Found third vendor who had them for same price but had to buy two to achieve purchase level for free shipping (they should arrive tomorrow) -> Went back to second vendor to cancel order for three and place replacement order for two. ->Waited until USPS arrived Saturday morning at my door with five tables -> Refused shipment on three, kept two. ->Called second vendor to see what happened and was told I did the right thing by refusing shipment on three … but upon further checking was told that someone had sent me the three as a gift and I could keep them.  I asked the name of the gifter and it is not a name I recognize.  My card was not charged for the extra tables -> Called the post office and asked them not to send them back I’ll get them on Monday -> Three more tables delivered to my house Saturday afternoon. -> E-mail received on Saturday evening from second vendor showing my account had zero balance, showing what I paid for two tables had been refunded.-> Called vendor to inquire as to what sort of accounting and tracking system they used.  They assured me that the five tables were mine and that I owed them nothing.

I think I will use that vendor more often!

SAD:  Have you ever wondered if you would be saddened by the retirement of your mail carrier?  Linda and I have enjoyed the friendly service of, our mail carrier for about 5 or 6 years now.  She has always been professional, prompt and friendly.  We often have parcels waiting in the outgoing mail with pieces of jewelry from our e-bay business and she scans them immediately and keeps us supplied with the crates in which to put them for pickup.  On occasion she has even made return trips to pick up parcels that were not quite ready for shipping when she arrived at the door.  She followed a man who in spite of my attempts to get him to smile or respond to my greetings would consistently utter a “harrumph” and walk on.  Whenever she was on vacation we knew it … mail arrives after 5 pm, sometimes packages left at the door … or worse yet, dropped and left on the sidewalk.  We missed her when she was on vacation.  Today she came while I was working in the yard and made a point of coming and letting me know she was retiring on Thursday.  She said she wanted to be sure to catch me so she could thank me and Linda for being one of the bright spots on her route.  She expressed appreciation for our friendly greeting and said, “You don’t know how much of a blessing you have been to me with your friendly greetings, your willingness to pray for me when I lost a loved one.  You’ve brightened many a difficult day for me over the years.”  Well, I’m sad to lose such a wonderful civil servant … but, Nancy, we wish you the best in your retirement.

ACHES: Had 5 cubic yards of mulch dumped on my driveway today, forcing me to address the need to trim and manicure several garden beds and begin spreading mulch.  I put on my knee sleeve and tried to pace myself.  With Linda’s help after she came home from work, we managed to distribute about a third of the mulch and will attempt to finish the job tomorrow before rain comes in tomorrow evening and washes it all down the driveway and to the end of the street.  I considered taking a plastic 30 gallon trash barrel and strapping it to Linda’s back so she could carry the mulch one load at a time to the back yard.  I ran the idea past two friends, both of whom advised me against it … and I must admit I was concerned that it might damage our relationship.  Once I filled a barrel with mulch, however, I found it was much too heavy for her to lift and so I was spared the need to make that difficult decision.  But tonight I am stiff and sore in spite of my efforts to pace myself. Thankfully, while my knee is slightly stiff, it doesn’t feel too bad.  I think, however, that the dust from the mulch has irritated my sinuses and throat (oh no … please not that again) so I took the precaution of washing out my nasal cavities with salt water … I think I might grow to like that Neti Pot idea!  Linda, is aching too and she’s coughing again (not good).  Pray for us old folks if you think of it!