The Battle Against Bird Poop

birdpoopI’m fighting a defensive battle with the birds this year.  On one front, there are the ubiquitous sparrows.  A few days ago, I was alerted to their initial foray into forbidden territory by the sound of rhythmic scratching heard above the kitchen window.  I immediately identified the sound as that of sparrow scouts surveying the territory atop the Sunsetter awning that is still rolled up against the back wall of the house.  I stepped out on the deck and said, “Get outta there!”  Yeah, I was out there talking to the birds.  But it was effective.  They flew off  into the lilac bush and chittered at me.  Yeah, the birds were talking to me, and I didn’t need an interpreter to know what they were saying.  This confrontation repeated itself a few times and then someone in the bird brigade decided I was all bluster and they began an entrenchment maneuver as twigs and string and bits of straw were flown in and amassed on top of the awning.  I like sparrows and realize that not one falls without my Heavenly Father’s knowledge.  I just don’t want them pooping all over my awning and patio!  Furthermore, with a nod to my tender side I knew that if they managed to establish a home I would have a harder time bringing myself to destroy it.  My counter-strike was to partially unroll the awning, changing the terrain from a ledge to a slippery slope.  For a few days now, the battlefield littered with the rubble of war, has seen no action from the sparrows.  I declare victory!

On another front is the fat and aggressive robin.  This red-breasted combatant has chosen the ‘V’ formed by the downspout and the back wall of the house.  Three times now I have pulled the makings of a nest from that spot while the enemy perched on the edge of the roof chucking at me.  I understand the choice of this location.  It’s out of the rain and sun and high off the ground.   I’ve tried explaining that bird poop streaking the siding on my house will not be tolerated.  Aside from that, the location is just six feet above a favorite lounging spot for Noelle.  I can just imagine her waiting alertly for the little ones to be pushed from the nest for flying lessons.  That temptation would be too much for Noelle to resist!  I warned the robin about such a fate for her children but my warning did nothing to diminish the chucking.  It rained yesterday and I observed several robins scooping up mud on their beaks. I checked the downspout this morning.  There is more construction taking place.  I’d almost believe that this bird is conducting night maneuvers!  It will not stand … I’ll destroy it by mid-morning.

There is a similar battle that needs to be fought in the spiritual realm.  Sometimes much more subtle than the birds are the sinful habits and attitudes that can seek to establish residence in our lives.  Vigilance is called for in order to prevent “the birds” from nesting and creating a mess of our life.  Defensive action must be taken sooner, rather than later. Sin and temptations are persistent.  We will have to deal with them our entire lives.   Once they get a beachhead established in your life it becomes more difficult to eradicate them.  Better to deal with them early and regularly.  Confession, repentance, prayer and the Word of God are certainly indispensable weapons in this battle.  Lay aside any of those weapons and you are likely to find your life befouled with “bird poop”.

It’s time now to go destroy a budding robin’s nest.