Stepping Out On the Ice

12922309_10154022390542567_80279372_oIn a few weeks, my girlfriend and I will be stepping gingerly out on the ice that we hope will be thick enough to provide some support for us in the years ahead as she contemplates leaving the work-a-day world and giving more time to her business as an independent consultant for Norwex and as a partner in our hobby business of selling vintage and making hand crafted jewelry.  We’ll be participating in a vendor show, hoping to sell some jewelry.  We’ll be doing it again in August and another in the Fall.  These three forays into the craft/vendor show universe will give us a sense of what is required and whether we can make the grade.  We’ve been fairly successful selling vintage jewelry on-line as a hobby.  Successful enough, at least, that we didn’t lose money but neither did we make a fortune.  We’ll need to do better.  I’ve made over 200 pieces of hand crafted jewelry (wire-wrapped, gemstone and beaded) and have only sold a few pieces but on-line competition is fierce.  We’ve been told that vendor shows typically do much better.  We’re looking at this as an adventure, and experiment and another opportunity to create memories by trying something neither of us ever thought we would be doing!12941213_10154022468687567_695395364_o

We are grateful to our son, Mitch, for generously helping us out by making some units that will provide us with some flexibility in our display set-ups.  These are slick and easily dismantled for transport.  Thanks Mitch!

By the way, if you are interested in vintage jewelry you can find our store here.  My pieces of hand-crafted jewelry can be found here.  And Linda’s Norwex shopping site can be found here.  You can also follow Linda’s blog here.  Hope you’ll come visit each place and drop us a note to let us know what you think!


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