A Grampy’s Thoughts

160403-1 160403-2After a partially restorative respite at Casa LuMarFin, my sweetheart and I have returned home to more fully recover from the physical ailments which short circuited our plans for this weekend.  It is always with some reluctance that we leave our grand-children, knowing how full the plates of Ryan and Charissa are with three active children under the age of four and a busy work schedule and home to keep.  We do what we can … Linda, perhaps more than I … to pitch in and help when we visit.  I have a phrase that I use when responding to expressions of thanks: “We are Grampy and Grammy”.  In my mind, that says it all … it’s what we do and what we always will do as long as we are able because … We ARE Grampy and Grammy.

That said, it is good to be back in our home which we had loaned out for the weekend to some friends.IMG_20160402_161655952_HDR  Linda has unpacked and medicated and has made a quick trip to the store to get some essentials … and to satisfy her sudden “terrible hankering” for a McDonald’s Hamburger and Fries.  I’m medicated and awaiting her return.

Linda and I stood together yesterday, watching Finlay as he lay sleeping on his back with his arms flung out on either side of him in the middle of Mommy and Daddy’s big bed.  Our infant grandson!  I watched him as he slept and observed his breathing pattern.  Smooth and even and then suddenly a couple of little short breaths and twitching, almost flailing, arms … and then back to smooth and even.  He never awakened but he repeated that pattern a couple of times as I watched.

As I walked away from the doorway I remember thinking, “Get used to that pattern Finn.  That’s what life is like.  Existing in a big world and having periods when breathing comes easy and life can, for the most part, be lived in a relaxed fashion.  But then there are times when things will take your breath away.  Things will startle and take you unaware.  Events will sometimes smother you in emotions if you let them.   You’ll need to take deep breaths, you may even gasp for breath and will need to flail your arms to maintain your balance.

IMG_20160402_115943704Right now you need not worry too much about those things because in the arms of Mommy and Daddy … and Grammy (He’s not real comfortable yet in IMG_20160402_115956450Grampy’s arms) you will be safe and secure and they will shield and protect you from anything you need to be concerned about, including overly aggressive doting sisters and excited old dogs.  As you grow, however, and begin to be more independent from them, you will find great comfort in the arms of the Lord Jesus.  Yes, there will still be times when living can be done in a fairly relaxed fashion but there will also still be times when things will take your breath away … strong, frightening, awful things.  My prayer is that by the time you have to reckon with such things on your own that you will NOT be on your own.  Rather, that you will know personally, and walk with, the Savior who keeps you safe … and whose protection does not so much depend upon your ability to hold on to Him as it does upon His ability to hold on to you!”