Of Moments and Memories

memories-to-cherish_GJ-FkwD_​In some respects the living of one’s life can be described as walking through a long succession of moments, one right after another​; each one related to the one before and after it and, therefore, related to the whole.
Most of those moments are not particularly memorable when taken by themselves, but groups of them when taken together and woven into the tapestry of a life, give color and shape to the memories that make each life unique.
Occasionally, a moment or two will form a memory all its own without any need to be grouped with any other moments.  My experience instructs me that such moments as those are usually moments of intense emotions; either positive or negative.
My life has been filled with such moments.  My personal walk with the Lord; years of ministry and spiritual service; being a husband, father, and father-in-law, have all produced a rich reservoir of memories both good and bad.
Of late being a Grampy, who has had the high privilege of regular involvement in the lives of his infant and toddler grand-children, has provided so many of those types of moments it is hard to fully appreciate one before another one follows hard on its heels.
All of that being the case, I was blessed in the middle of the night to pass through a moment … which is in itself now, and forever will be, a treasured memory … granted me by two women who clearly love me … regardless!
For that, and for them today, I am extremely thankful to God!