Neti Here I Come

Before tonight I had no idea what a neti pot was.  I don’t know who Neti is, but I’m about to give her an opportunity to drown me.  More accurately, I suppose, I’m going to do the deed with an innocuous looking squeeze bottle containing salt-water.  Apparently you stick it in your nose and squeeze, causing a flow of salt water to run through the sinus cavities, washing out who knows what.

I don’t like sticking things up my nose … even less do I like the idea of squirting water up there.  My sinus infection, however, has driven me to this desperate action.  It seems worse than any I can remember in recent history and I need to be able to travel and speak this weekend so … I’m going to take the step of faith.

There’s no backing out at this point since my girlfriend has gone out to the store at this late hour to get some distilled water.  I’ll not be able to refuse since she has gone to that trouble.

They say drowning is a peaceful way to die.  I just hope I don’t hurt myself when I fall on the floor and hit my head on the toilet as I do it.