Just Like Holding the Cat

I enjoyed sitting next to my daughter in church on Sunday, Father’s Day.  There were a couple of things that happened during that time as I observed her holding my 10-day-old granddaughter, Margaret.

First of all, I had a sudden realization as she laid Margo on the tops of her legs, cradled her in her arms with one on either side and with her hands supporting her head.  I’d seen her do that with Lucy before too but suddenly a new thought occurred to me.  Charissa had practiced this and perfected it many years ago.  I often marveled at the fact that she was the only one in our family who could hold our cat in that position.  On her back, four paws in the air, head lolling back, our cat would lie like that for long periods of time while Charissa scratched her behind the ears and cooed over her.

Secondly, I watched Charissa’s face as she bent her head over her infant and gazed intently at her face while Margo made funny faces characteristic of an infant who is content and drowsy in its mother’s arms.  Sometimes Charissa’s face mirrored Margo’s as she unconsciously smiled, pursed her lips, or twisted her lips in response to Margo doing the same.

Thirdly, as I watched this interaction between Mother and Daughter, I spent a few moments in silent Father’s Day worship and thanksgiving to God.

  • For a daughter who loves God and was in church on Sunday morning … with her infant and toddler girls and their Daddy.
  • For a God who has so graciously blessed her, and us, with the precious gift of these little ones.
  • For the potential represented by each young life … to serve and bring glory to God in the years ahead.
  • For the promises of God to bless with wisdom and strength the parents … of each of my six grandchildren … if they will seek Him first in their lives and love Him and His Word.