You Never Let Go of Me


Margaret A. Jeske
March 24, 1922 – April 10, 2014

I vividly remember the first time I became aware of this song by Matt Redman  (listen here) a number of years ago when I discovered it was a favorite of my Moms. 

I was outside doing some chores with my sister Noreen when I suddenly heard a blast of music coming from the house.  I looked up startled and Noreen laughed at me and said, “Oh that’s just Mom, they are playing her favorite song.”  I went to the porch of the house and looked in the living room window and there was my 86 or 87-year-old Mom, standing with her cane, in the middle of the room surrounded by her 5 confused looking border collies as she swayed back and forth “dancing” to the music.  As soon as the song was over she turned the volume down to normal.  On subsequent days … and even in subsequent visits she would always turn the radio up full blast whenever that song came over the air.

Mom, now 92, went to be with the Lord today after never recovering from a nasty fall in which she broke both legs in early March.

I’m going to have that song played at the Memorial Service.  It is a wonderful testimony to the confidence she had in Christ.  I cannot listen to it these days without seeing her standing there “dancing” to the music and thanking God for saving her.  I’m sure I’ll cry when it’s played … but it will be tears of joy as I see her dancing in glory!