Just Me, Mini-Muffin, and God

1011640_10153938766115361_742968481_nDear Mini-Muffin,

I heard your little cry break the silence of the house just after the sun came up this morning.  It was just one small cry, but I want you to know I heard you.  I lay in the next room waiting for either another cry, or perhaps the rustling movements of mom or dad coming to your side.  There was neither, but I want you to know I was alert in the event that you might need me … for anything.  I even began go through the mental checklist of “how to change a diaper”.  Though I’ve seen it done plenty of times recently, it’s been a couple of years since I changed your mommy’s diapers so I might be a little clumsy.

After waiting for a short time I arose and made my way to your room to look in on you.  In the dimness I could see your little body all curled up in the corner of your crib under the blanket with your little bare feet sticking out.  I silently watched you for a few minutes and then I began to talk to God about you.

It was 21 months ago today that you literally burst upon the world scene, a never-ending source of wonder, creating smiles and happiness wherever you have gone.  But smiles and happiness are fleeting in this world and so more important has been the welling joy you have brought, and continue to bring, to so many hearts … without even trying.  “God, you have blessed so many lives through the life of this little girl already.  I pray that you will draw her close to you, even as her mommy draws her close.  Hold her tightly as she comes to know you through faith and keep her close as she walks through life dispensing the joy of your grace wherever she goes.”

Lucy, the world is full of confused and frightened people and that makes it a confusing and scary place, even for adults.  It’s not easy to navigate the dangerous road through life. “Father, the world is a far different place than I grew up in.  It’s even more confusing and scary than the one that her mommy and daddy grew up in.  Help me and Grammy, and her mommy and daddy to be wise in guiding her to adulthood.  Give us wisdom and discernment in knowing what to expose her to and what to shield her from.  Help us to know how to protect her while at the same time how to teach and equip her to wage the battles, fight through the struggles, handle the disappointments and deal with the dangers that will inevitably come.  But more importantly, be her Guide and Shield (her cosmic Gilbert), her Strength and Comfort.  Give her an understanding of your Word and let its wisdom be her compass through life”

I watched as you rolled over in your bed.  How do you manage that without disturbing the blanket which covers you?  Grammy tells me that I haven’t mastered that one yet and I’ve been working on it for 65 years!

You know, it is likely that someday you will meet a young man who will ask you to share your life with him.  I’m already jealous!  But that is the natural way of things.  “Lord, help her in her interactions with people as she makes her way through life.  Help her to be generous with her love and compassion while at the same time being discriminating in the exercise of guarding her heart.  God, I don’t know what you have in mind for her regarding marriage or even if that young man may be alive yet.  It is your will that matters but at the same time my desire is that she would know the joy of marriage as I have known it.  That she would be blessed with children who are a blessing, as I have been blessed.  Prepare for her a man who will love You long before he ever loves her.  A man who will serve you long before he seeks to serve her.  Prepare them for one another so that when “it” happens, they will know it’s right and that they are the fulfillment of your plan for one another.  And by the way, Lord, help both mommies and daddies to graciously and skillfully let go when the time comes, realizing that the greater joy is yet to be as they watch and participate in the growth of a new family”

I watched as you stretched in your sleep, rolling over again while not disturbing the blanket.  Fascinating!

Hey Mini-Muffin, it won’t be long before you are a big sister!  That’s a lot of responsibility for one so little.  Are you excited?  Mommy’s gonna need your help and so will Margo.  “Father, thank you for the wonderful sweet spirit of this little one.  I’m so thankful too for the special bond that is being formed between her mom and her.  May they grow to be life-long friends in the adventure of life, teaching and learning from one another in ways that will bless your heart.  I pray for her daddy and ask that you would enable him to stand firmly in the face of temptations and on the side of righteousness as he sets the pace and provides the example for his family.  Make of these four … and I suppose in some incomprehensible way the goofy dog too, a shining testimony of your mercy, grace and love to all who know them.  Use them to bless and be a blessing to them I pray, in Jesus Name.  Amen

Well little one, I don’t want to wake you …. no, that’s not true.  I’d love to wake you with a kiss and hold you tight to start the day.  But I’ll content myself with the knowledge that I heard your cry and took it as a prompt to come in and have this time with you … and God.  Always remember, He hears your cries even when no one else does.  And He will always come to your aid whatever your need.  He’ll hold you tight … it is always a good idea to start your day with Him.  I hope you will learn that early.

I love you, Lucy.  Catch ya later!