Bird Feathers and Rabbit Hair

While working in the yard this past week I had the opportunity to share some biblical truth with my cat, Noelle.  I’m certain it had little impact on her, but it provided some great encouragement for me.  My attention was caught by a disturbance in the garden where she habitually lurks at the end of her leash.  She came running toward me with a sparrow held in her mouth.

I scolded her, as I pried the unfortunate bird from her mouth so she would not eat it, and then I preached from Matthew 10.29 as I informed Noelle that while the Bible says nothing about God watching over cats, it does say that He watches over the sparrows and not one falls that he does not know about.  “He saw you do this nasty thing!”  She meowed in response but I do not believe it was a meow of repentance for as I went to toss the bird’s corpse into the tall grass, she leapt after it.  Much to my surprise though, the bird did not land in the tall grass at all but flew up into the tree and after a few moments flew away.

The experience set the tone for my thinking over the next hour or so while I continued my work.  How marvelous that I can be certain of God’s loving watch care over me, since I am of infinite more value than the sparrow!  Even when caught in the jaws of difficulty and discouragement, He is there to rescue me.  Because of His attentiveness to my circumstances I can be assured that regardless of the situation I shall mount up with wings … not like a tiny sparrow … but like the powerful eagle as I trust in Him.

But they that wait on the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint. – Isa.40.31

The next day as Linda put Noelle out on her leash, she admonished her not to go after any birds.  Fifteen minutes later, Noelle appeared at the back door with medium sized rabbit dangling from her mouth by the scruff of the neck.  Once again, I pried her jaws open to retrieve the unfortunate creature which I released into the tall grass.  It survived and lives, smarter I hope, in spite of the experience.  “She’s just acting according to her nature”, I’m told.  I suppose that makes it acceptable, particularly since she does not have a new nature to which she can submit.  I, on the other hand, must make the daily… sometimes moment to moment … decision as to whether I will choose to submit to my old nature … or the new.  My old nature doesn’t fill my mouth with disgusting feathers or rabbit hair and rodent guts.  It DOES, however, fill my life with the spiritual equivalent of those things.  Much better to yield to the new nature!