Time to Worry

When a man is living on God’s plan he has no need to worry himself about his trade, or about his house, or about anything that belongs to him.

Do not look at your own faith; look at God’s faithfulness!  do not look around on circumstances; keep on looking at the resources of the Infinite God!

The only thing a man may be anxious about in this life is whether He is working on God’s plan, doing God’s work; and if that is so, all the care of everything else is back on God.

When we see the lilies
Spinning in distress,
Taking thought to
Manufacture loveliness;
When we see the birds all
Building barns for store,
‘Twill be time for us to worry —
Not before!

Matthew 6.28

from  “Springs in the Valley” by Mrs. Charles Cowman

How easy it is to type such words and how naturally they come when speaking to others who are in the midst of a valley.  One day, perhaps, I’ll be able to heed them just as easily and naturally in my own valleys!