My love and I have arrived at home again after a very enjoyable time away.

While the whole weekend was enjoyable, there were some particular things which were especially so:

  • minimal time on the computer and even then, just for the purpose of updating friends and family of our activities
  • pleasant weather for driving in the late fall with just enough color left in the trees to remind us of the beauty that God has built into this world at this time of year.
  • reaching for my honey’s hand and having her take and squeeze it as we walked together from place to place, including to and from dinner both nights.
  • watching a huge cat on the prowl in the field behind the motel … reminding us of our “little one” back home.
  • Perkins pancakes with melted butter and blueberry compote with my cheese omelet.
  • seeing the Perkins hostess seat the guy wearing a Packers jersey right next to a table of people wearing Vikings jerseys 🙂
  • being home again.