Absolved, Acquitted, Accepted …. O Blessed Thought!

“Who shall lay any thing to the charge of God’s elect?” (Rom. 8:33).

What a blessed rhetorical question (the answer to which is clearly “Nobody”).  Woke up today with that phrase in my head and reveled in the fact that every one of my sins was laid upon my Savior at the Cross and was put away.  There are none of my sins recorded in God’s record that will be considered when I stand in His presence.  My guilt was absolved and as a result my punishment was done away with in the work that Christ accomplished on the cross … it is all mine by faith alone in Christ alone.  Oh … I am chastised for my sins, and I often suffer the result of them in this life.  But, praise God, when I at last see my Savior there shall be no frown of judgement upon His face … but only a loving smile of welcome.  God shall say, “Enter freely, Tim Jeske, you are absolved, acquitted, accepted in my Beloved Son.”