Minnesota Getaway

It has been a relaxing day today.  We slept late and then made a leisurely drive to Burnsville where we spent a few hours browsing Antiques Minnesota Antique Mall and finding some nice vintage jewelry to sell in our e-Bay store.  I enjoy doing this together with my sweetheart.  I like the bling pieces … Linda knows more about what is good and what is not.  I’ll pick 20 pieces and ask her what she thinks; she’ll reject half of them.  She’ll pick 20 pieces and ask what I think and I say …”OK” to all of them :-).  Sometimes, I’ll see a piece that I think will sell for sure and I know she won’t like it … so I’ll slip it into the pile without asking :-).

We drove then to Hopkins where we had lunch at a restaurant called “Taste of Brazil” where we both had a bowl of seafood soup.  The soup had several types of fish/etc. in it including mussels, still in their cracked open shells.  It was good!  We then planned on visiting three antique stores on Main St.  We never got past the first one.  Scads of the type of jewelry we like in trays and trays and trays!!!!  We had the store personnel call the vendor and ask for special discount for volume buyer and were pleased with what we were able to negotiate.  By the time we were done (and I had slipped in a few personal choices) it was time to call it a day.

Stopped at Starbucks for some Lattes and headed back to Shakopee where we reviewed our purchases and then went to the Deluxe Buffet for supper.

Watching Penn State win (hopefully) their game with Northwestern while Linda reads.

It’s been a good day!