Computer Died but the Cat Lives

Noelle is sleeping peacefully on the rocking-chair as Linda and I sit on the love seat; she reading a book and me listening to Old Time Radio.  Coffee is brewing in the kitchen so that we can enjoy it with some Schwann’s cinnamon buns before drawing the shade on this day.

This day began with a disaster.  I settled down at my desk this morning with a fresh cup of coffee and was writing an e-mail when Noelle jumped up on the desk and was prowling around.  It is not unusual for her to try to get my attention by walking across my keyboard when I’m busy.  This morning she was doing her routine “pay attention to me” act when she came dangerously close to knocking over my fresh cup of coffee.  I tried to carefully move her … bumped my cup of coffee in the process … and spilled it.

As the light brown liquid rolled across my keyboard I tossed the cat aside and quickly lifted my computer and inverted it while Linda ran for some towels.  Well, she didn’t really run but you get the idea.  Alas, I was not quick enough … and I wonder if it was even possible to be quick enough … maybe Linda should have run!

End result: keyboard on computer doesn’t work … and I can’t even type password to log on computer.

I wanted to skin the cat but she was nowhere to be found … then I remembered that we tossed her out the back door with a rope around her neck; which is what she wanted to begin with and was pestering us to do that.

The rest of the morning was spent, first of all trying to disassemble the computer so I could try to dry out the keyboard.  I found a video on You Tube which showed a technician demonstrating how to replace the keyboard … he did it in six minutes flat.  After more than an hour of trying to emulate him I gave up … There was something lacking either in his demonstration or my ability to understand what I was seeing with my eyes.

The computer closed back up … I called the manufacturer.  Thankfully we have an accident insurance policy on this machine, but that didn’t prevent the need to spend more than 2 hours on the phone with someone in India as she walked me through endless “diagnostic tests” to determine what was wrong with my computer.  I told her the problem 5 minutes into the conversation … 2 hours later she pronounced the problem to be a non-functioning keyboard.   I wanted to skin the technician but she was too far away in India.

Once we had a diagnosis I was transferred to the repair coordinator.  He gave me three options … Send the computer off for repair (could take 9-12 days turnaround);  Send the computer off for repair and pay 15.00 for faster service (could take 6-9 days turnaround); Have a technician come to the house (cost of 49.00) on Friday.  I opted for door number 2 … until the man (also in India) started talking about the practice of scanning for any other issues and then doing a factory default restoration.  No problem, he said, if I do a backup of my data.  How can I do backup with out any use of keyboard? … (they will do it for free if I wish) but I would need to restore all my programs that were not on the original configuration.

WHOA! I said … (the last time I had to restore all my programs it took me days!!!).  I indicated that I did not want them to do that and he said he would put a note on the order but he could not guarantee that it would not happen.

BACK UP!  I said.  … then finding out that the house service technician would not engage in such extreme measures I said … “I’ll take option #3”.

So … here we sit … waiting until Friday morning for the repair geek to arrive.  In the meantime … I have access to my e-mail and on-line work projects by using other computers here in the house.  But I have no access to several important projects that are on the primary notebook.  It’s going to be a long week 🙁 … a very long week!

And, having snuggled for a while this afternoon with my sweet Noelle she is secure in the knowledge of my love and care for her … even though she is a misbehaving child at times.  I must manifest the character qualities of patience, long-suffering and forgiveness even toward my cat.  I know she appreciates it; probably not as much, however, as I appreciate those same qualities in the character of God as He demonstrates them toward me when I am a misbehaving child.

Noelle is not far from us as I type this … sleeping peacefully in the assurance of our love … and I’ll sleep peacefully in the assurance of God’s love.

Time to pull the shade … g’nite all!