Random Stuff

There is something about a squirrel interrupting a Major League play-off game that is just plain “fun”.  Having it happen on two consecutive nights is just plain squirrely!  St. Louis officials are now using traps with peanut butter to try to capture the critters.  I don’t want that to work :-).  Squirrels are smart creatures, even though they are rodents on a run just below those ridiculous looking “mini-dogs”.  Regardless of who wins the play-off series, I’m cheering for the squirrels!

Today marked the completion of our major water drainage project.  It took a week (a little longer than I anticipated) and it required hard work (a little harder than I anticipated) and had a few twists and turns (that I didn’t anticipate).  But I’m am satisfied with the sense of accomplishment that the completion has brought.

Steve Jobs has died.  I’m struck by how earth-shaking his passing seems to be in so many sectors of our society.  Thousands of people who have absolutely no personal connection … but a technological one … are actually in mourning.  Steve was something of an innovative genius, to be sure.  His ideas certainly changed much about the way we work and are entertained.  He was an amazing person and I would not denigrate him or his contributions to the way we live … but still the widespread grief and mourning that his death has triggered is beyond my understanding.  Perhaps that is because I have never used an Apple product … but have studiously avoided them.