Strength Isn’t Everything!

My body began its punishment regimen last Friday and ever since then, muscles that are usually only called upon occasionally have been strenuously used almost continuously during the daylight hours except for Sunday, when I got to relax and preach!  🙂  Tomorrow should see the end of it and I’ll likely be finishing up alone.  Today’s work partner was my sweetheart.  I’ve worked on this project with a variety of people.  I’ve sweat, got dirty, grunted, and groaned with old and new friends and sons.  Today, however, I sweat, got dirty, grunted and groaned with a helper to whom none of the others even begins to equal.  Oh … the others may be stronger and more skilled with a shovel. The others may have greater endurance and expertise in yard chores.  No one, however … not a single one of them is as alluringly beautiful as the my sweetheart.  I LOVE working with her … it maintains a tradition that began more than 43 years ago.