The Prodigal Returns

It is not just a little embarrassing to realize that my last posting here was a Christmas card!  There are so many things to be done from day to day that blogging becomes something of an afterthought.  My daughter, Charissa, however has unknowingly nudged me into activity again.  She has created a blog Red Beard and Blondie Locks and is doing a great job with it.  I enjoy reading it, and you will too.  As for me, it has reminded me of how much I DO enjoy blogging when I do it.  So, here I am … having another go!

A lot has happened in the last 10 months; too much to share in one posting but it will come in little bites.  This week, for example, I’ve been digging holes in my yard.  Not little holes, but big and deep ones … just so that I could see what’s there.  It’s very interesting actually what you can find besides dirt and stones.  I’ve also been painting the grass … using a permanent marker on my long extension cord and other purposeful things.  Yes … there is a purpose to it all.  By the way … in the process I discovered something that shook me just a little.  My orange extension cord which I have used for years is not all that I thought it was.  There have been times that I used that 100′ extension cord as a measuring rod when measuring distances in the yard.  Today I discovered that it is NOT 100′ at all.  It is only 90′!  That discovery has altered my perception of the measured world around me!  🙂

That’s all until next time … I hope it’s sooner than later!


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  1. Charissa
    Charissa September 29, 2011 at 10:05 pm |

    AWWWW…I just read this. 🙂 glad i inspired you to start blogging again. 🙂 you are funny and i like reading your blog.

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