Passion and the Great Commission

Linda and I arrived in Springfield after a pleasant trip from Dubuque.  The Crowne Plaza Hotel & Convention Center will be “home” for the next 8 days and we’re all moved in and relaxing a bit before heading over to the Outback for some supper.  

The Board of Directors begins their work at 9AM tomorrow and will work until 9PM while the Board member’s wives go “sight-seeing”.  We’ll meet most of the day on Saturday and the first half of the day on Monday before Convention starts.  

These are times of change for IFCA International as, against the backdrop of a Convention emphasis on “Passion for Ministry” we grapple with the best ways to hone our Fellowship for increased effectiveness in enhancing the strength of the Church by equipping God’s people for, and encouraging them toward ministry partnerships to achieve Great Commission objectives. 

That work of equipping and encouraging must be directed toward individual believers and groups of individual believers (local churches). In many quarters, a passion for growing the church and attracting larger crowds through innovative methods has totally obscured any serious passion for reaching the lost and seeing their lives changed through faith in Christ and sitting under the ministry of the Word. That situation points out one of the most glaring weaknesses of the Church, and thus one of the greatest needs that must be met if the Church is to have any lasting impact on the world.

What is YOUR passion? What is the passion of YOUR local church?