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Peace and the Giving Out of Awards For It

Many Americans are disturbed in the wake of the Nobel Peace prize announcement today.  Guest blogger Clay Bowlin has an interesting perspective that is unique among those that I have read today.  I thought my readers would be interested in hearing it.  When I was a little guy, there were three things that really disturbed […]

Know Your Enemy

I was amused as I read the account of the Somali pirates who mistook a French naval flagship for a merchant vessel and tried to board it before realizing their mistake. The moral of the story is “know thine enemy.” Sun Tzu (The Art of War) wrote, “If you know yourself but not your enemy, […]

The Nobel Farce

I was sure it was a joke! No one in their right mind would actually award the Nobel Peace Prize to an individual who is untested, unproven and virtually unknown on the world stage by anything except smooth rhetoric and politically motivated promises for the future. But it’s no joke. Through some convoluted thought process […]