Mosquito Wings and Spiders

I sat at my desk yesterday, working on my computer, when suddenly a small piece of “debris” floated down from above me and became attached to my laptop screen, held there by the static electricity. I looked at it closely and discovered that it was a tiny wing! I looked up and discovered on the ceiling above my head a spider … preparing to have a meal as it worked on dismembering a mosquito that had been caught in its web! The spider, due to his/her carelessness in dropping that wing and being discovered, soon made a satisfying crunch as it was squished between my fingers in a piece of paper. A passage of scripture flashed in my mind and I almost spoke it to the spider who had just murdered the mosquito (although it was a righteous murder). “Be sure your sin will find you out.” – Numbers 32.23. Now I know that the passage has specific application to the balkiness of Reuben and Gad in helping the remaining tribes conquer the land across the Jordan River. I was not speaking to the spider exegetically or expositionally. It is, nonetheless true that that which is done in secret is seen by an all seeing God who will certainly and justly mete out the appropriate correction and discipline for those secret sins.

My point to the spider was simple and straightforward … “thanks for killing the mosquito … but don’t mess with my computer screen … die you miserable insect!”