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Roots and Wings

Have you ever heard of a Muir? Muirs are aquatic seabirds who spend most of their life either flying above or swimming under the ocean waters. At breeding time, they fly to a steep rocky island in the frigid Arctic to build their nest and raise their young. Thousands of these birds scratch out nests […]

Itzhak, Isaac and God – Doing the Best With What’s Left

Many people who are musically “in the know” regard Itzhak Perlman as the world’s finest violinist. Yet his violin playing isn’t the most noticeable feature about him. Perlman had polio as a child and it is a struggle just to get onto the concert-hall platform, while an assistant carries his violin for him. Perlman is […]

Persuading God to do Our Will?

by Guest Blogger: Alexandra Armstrong I’ve been on an intense campaign to convince my husband that he wants to be a Civil War re-enactor. I’ve done everything I know to do to persuade him. I appealed to his masculinity by promising I would henceforth refer to him as “The General.” I tried to enlist friends […]

Agony or Ecstasy

While grieving over the sudden and violent loss of a wisdom tooth this week I have been reflecting on the experience of pain and suffering.  There are some, I am told, who do not believe pain is a reality, but that it is merely a function of one’s imagination.  I think, perhaps, those folks have […]

Peace and the Giving Out of Awards For It

Many Americans are disturbed in the wake of the Nobel Peace prize announcement today.  Guest blogger Clay Bowlin has an interesting perspective that is unique among those that I have read today.  I thought my readers would be interested in hearing it.  When I was a little guy, there were three things that really disturbed […]

Know Your Enemy

I was amused as I read the account of the Somali pirates who mistook a French naval flagship for a merchant vessel and tried to board it before realizing their mistake. The moral of the story is “know thine enemy.” Sun Tzu (The Art of War) wrote, “If you know yourself but not your enemy, […]

The Nobel Farce

I was sure it was a joke! No one in their right mind would actually award the Nobel Peace Prize to an individual who is untested, unproven and virtually unknown on the world stage by anything except smooth rhetoric and politically motivated promises for the future. But it’s no joke. Through some convoluted thought process […]

I Need a Tooth Fairy!

I’m known by the staff of my local dentist as “the guy who got up one Sunday morning to preach a message and, noticing his dentist in the congregation, immediately got a severe toothache.”  It’s true!  And the toothache disappeared once the service was over!  Ever since then, my friend the dentist has reminded me […]

The High Cost of “Easy”

By Guest Blogger: Alexandra Armstrong I started running several weeks ago. I still don’t love it. My first attempt lasted all of 200 yards. This pitiful distance was enough to induce cramped muscles, burning lungs and wounded pride. It’s a wonder I ever ran a second time. But my life-long friend, April, keeps encouraging me […]

Mosquito Wings and Spiders

I sat at my desk yesterday, working on my computer, when suddenly a small piece of “debris” floated down from above me and became attached to my laptop screen, held there by the static electricity. I looked at it closely and discovered that it was a tiny wing! I looked up and discovered on the […]