S’more S’mores Please

I just ate a bag of S’Mores.  It’s a Fit & Active diet snack (just 90 calories) made for guys that want to change their body profile so that it casts less of a shadow.  Have you ever made “real s’mores” by the campfire?  Hot toasted golden brown and gooey marshmallows pressed between two graham crackers and a layer of melting Hershey’s chocolate bar (400 calories)?  Now THAT is good eating (which of course is why this author is in need of reducing his shadow).  For anyone who wants to be physically fit a large profile shadow is not a good thing.

Why do they call them S’mores?  I think it’s because it is what you usually tend to say when you’ve had one … “I’d like s’more!”  There are a lot of things that I could classify as “S’mores” and most of them have cherries, pecans, chocolate or icing associated with them but warm dinner rolls out of the oven will do in a pinch, as will asiago cheese bagels with cream cheese, cinnamon rolls, macadamia nut cookies, apricot pie, strawberry shortcake, New York cheesecake or Krispy Kreme doughnuts (still warm).  If pickings are really slim I can get by with deep-fried onion rings, Kentucky Fried Chicken (dark meat only), pizza (10” or larger), Philly cheese-steak sandwich with onions and sauce or cat treats (fish or cheese preferred). As long as that is true it will always be a struggle to keep physically fit.

Have you ever noticed how much sin is lot like S’mores?  Don’t you wish you didn’t want s’more of some things in your life that you know are wrong, destructive … sinful?  Sin is deadly because it is so delightfully delicious.  Every time we indulge the craving for those things, we usually want s’more even when we detest the very fact that we crave them.  As long as that is true it will always be a struggle to keep spiritually fit.

Part of the solution is regular confession of sin (saying the same thing about it that God says and not making excuses or devising rationalizations) and a steady reliance upon the Spirit for victory as He enables us to replace those old cravings with new ones that are healthier for us.  My Fit&Active S’mores (provided by my wife) are far better for me than the campfire ones (as long as I don’t eat four bags at a time). 

How many s’mores do you struggle with?  How goes the battle for spiritual fitness?  Be brave and courageous in the fight … victory is always sweeter than indulgence!