URGENT: A Human Tragedy You Can Help Avert

One would not likely know by listening to the American media outlets that there is a human tragedy unfolding in Northeast Indian states of Manipur and Mizoram.  IFCA International (a organization of Independent Bible Churches) has recently been in communication with some of our members in Manipur who represent the Zo Christian Bible Church and Thangkhal Bible Church. Both of those fellowships are IFCA member organizations and they represent over 20,000 believers in close to 100 churches in Northeast India.

At the 2009 IFCA International Convention in Kalamazoo, Dr. Dongza Thawng of Manipur, India reported how a major rat infestation has resulted in the destruction of nearly all the crops.  The people in Manipur, including those in the 100 churches are starving due to a terrible famine.

Bamboo trees cover much of Manipur.  About once every 50 to 100 years the bamboo flowers.  The flowers produce seeds that are very high in a protein that dramatically increases the fertility rate of rodents.  Last year the bamboos flowered and subsequently the rodent population exploded. The rodents have consumed most of the standing grain, nuts, everything.  Most Manipur citizens are subsistence farmers.  This once-in-100 year rat infestation has caused an awful famine, and the people are in a desperate situation.

The IFCA International Benevolence Committee has approved a special project under their accountability. IFCA International is issuing a special appeal for emergency relief funds to help in easing the effects of the Manipur Famine.

Our goal is to raise between $10,000 and $20,000 US dollars to be sent over by September 10, 2009. They have an account in Manipur to which we can direct the money. Dr. Dongza Thawng has returned to Manipur and together with the elders of the Zo and Thangkhal Bible Churches they will oversee the money and the purchase and distribution of food for the needy people of Manipur.

If you’d like make a tax-deductible donation to help meet this desperate need in Manipur, send a check by September 8 (made out to IFCA International) to: IFCA Manipur Emergency Relief Fund, P.O. Box 810, Grandville, MI 49468.  (Update 12/2/09 – We have received more than 70,000.00 for this effort!  Thank you all!)

Thank-you for any donation you may make and for remembering to pray for our brothers and sisters in Manipur!  Please share this information with anyone whom you think might be interested as well.


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