Written In The Sky

Two nights ago, Linda and I were sitting out on our patio after 10PM, enjoying a fire in our chiminea on a cool, clear summer night.   We are accustomed to seeing satellites, the space station (we often wave at the people aboard when we see it) and rocket debris crawl across the night sky and are apt to be found lying on our backs, sometimes holding hands and gazing at the sky as we watch for the next heavenly body to wing its way into view.  We especially enjoy the iridium flares and count it a treat when we see one blazing in all its glory as it reflects the light of the sun in the midst of the dark night sky.  On this particular night, however, we were suddenly thrilled by the unexpected appearance of a brilliant meteor streaking across the sky from the southern horizon to the northern one.  It appeared almost close enough to touch and on at least two occasions pieces could be seen breaking off from the main body and creating their own paths!  It was awesome!  Lying out under the night sky gives one an appreciation of the vastness of the universe, and for the one who put the stars in space by speaking the word. 

I have thought about that meteor a couple of times over the last two days.  I enjoy mirror writing.  When I’ve taken a shower and the mirror in the bathroom is all steamed up I write secret messages to Linda with my finger on the mirror.  No one sees those messages until the next time the mirror gets steamed up … and then by reading the message she will be reminded that I love her … or of some other secret message.  The meteor seemed to me to be akin to the finger of God, writing a message across the sky.  It reminded me of some things that we all often take for granted.  As vast and as wonderful as the universe is, the Creator of the whole loves me … and He loves you.  How much?  Look to Calvary and you will only begin to understand how much!   I hope you will appreciate the lyrics of this little children’s song by Ken Cope.  Frankly, aren’t we all little children from God’s perspective?

            Written in the Skies           

           The Sky is full of beauty
            And the Universe is BIG
            I am full of wonder
            When I look up there and think

            I see the starry sky at night
            And I feel very small
            I’m comforted to know I’m loved
            By God who made it all

            The sky above has specks of light
            Displayed like fireworks in the night
            The moon and stars, the Milky Way
            Whole galaxies sing out and say:

            “God is good and God is love”
            It’s written in the skies above
            “God is great” the heavens declare
             His fingerprints are everywhere

            Ken Cope – © 1996 Songs for Children – Songs for God

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  1. Wanda Reu
    Wanda Reu July 22, 2009 at 12:25 pm |

    Pastor Tim, You are a talented writer; and I so enjoyed reading about you and Linda sitting outside watching all the wonder above you. I also enjoyed the words of the children’s song.

    Blessings to both of you..

    There is so much in our world that is negative at this time, and I have been meditating upon Psalm 37. What a blessing that Psalm is to one of His children.

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