Reflections at Dusk

Reflections at Dusk

I sat on the front porch this evening, and watched as dusk stole slowly but certainly across the evening sky.  Listening to the birds settling in for the night as their chirping diminished in volume and frequency I also noticed the vole rummaging in the leaves in the garden at my feet.  I could feel […]

Cute Kitties, Itty Bitty Spiders, and a Naked Adam

Cute Kitties, Itty Bitty Spiders, and a Naked Adam

One of the things this Grampy enjoys doing with his grand-daughters is snuggling on the sofa (usually in the morning) and responding to the request, “I want to watch kittys” (from Margo), or “I want to watch Kids songs” (from Lucy).  And so, Grampy will pull out his computer, go to YouTube and find videos […]

Church Flies

Church Flies I had breakfast this morning in the cafeteria of the local grocery store.  It was not a pleasant time due to the large number of flies that seemed to be competing for bragging rights over which one could get past my defenses and plunder my plate of sausage, eggs and pancakes.  Eating was a […]

A Failure to Communicate?

There is an enduring line from the 1967 film, Cool Hand Luke that I hear repeated from time to time, and which I use myself in certain situations.  The prison warden speaks to Luke, who has been re-captured after having escaped briefly.  He has been returned to the chain gang and after an incident in which the […]

An Open Letter to Pastors – (and anyone else who wants to peek)

The following is taken from my e-mail inbox this morning.  It struck a responsive chord with me.  My experience tells me that is the kind of encouragement every Pastor needs … but not every pastor gets.  If you are a Pastor, take heart and be encouraged by this.  If you are a church member, perhaps this will […]

Avoiding Our Weaknesses

I’ve been reading a very challenging and stirring book by Darrin Patrick, Church Planter: The Man, the Message, the Mission (Crossway 2010).  I’ve always believed that there are many ingredients that the Spirit of God tosses into the mixer in order to produce a church plant.  It seems reasonable to conclude that one of the most important ingredients; the flour, […]

King James Onlyism

Having pastored a church, years ago, that was painfully and tragically split in the controversey created by King James Onlyists in our midst, I found this article by Kevin Bauder (Central Baptist Theological Seminary, Minneapolis) tremendously insighful and clear as to some of the issues which still creep through the Church nearly 30 years after my experience.  […]

Where’s the Real Persecution?

This morning, IFCA Board President Earl Brubaker traced through the Book of Acts, the development of persecution as it incrementally increased from “ridicule” on the day of Pentecost to threats of physical violence, to actual physical attacks, imprisonment and death. The progressive intensity in the persecution of the Church was triggered by the refusal of […]

Passion and the Great Commission

Linda and I arrived in Springfield after a pleasant trip from Dubuque.  The Crowne Plaza Hotel & Convention Center will be “home” for the next 8 days and we’re all moved in and relaxing a bit before heading over to the Outback for some supper.   The Board of Directors begins their work at 9AM tomorrow […]