Pay Attention to Your Knees

For a couple of years now my knees have been telegraphing signals to my brain which, when translated, communicated the fact that they were getting worn out. At first the communication came in just little snippets or flashes but over the last two years the messages were sent in paragraphs and chapters. Having avoided any surgery on my left knee two years ago, by application of therapy and cortisone, I was not so fortunate of late with my right knee. I soon see the man with the knife to discuss the remedy for a torn meniscus and “loose pieces” floating around in the knee. This entire scenario has necessitated some significant changes in my approach to life and ministry. Linda has become my chauffeur so that I can position my leg for comfort instead of driving. Physical therapy has become a regular appointment on my calendar. Pain medication has become a sleeping companion. I’ve become familiar with a cane and a TENS device for electrical stimulation of the knee. I’ve redoubled my effort to offload some of the weight that they carry each day. We’ve even had to make a change in our personal vehicle to reduce the stress on my knees when entering and exiting the vehicle. It hasn’t been fun! All of this has highlighted for me the important role that knees have in contributing to normal function in life. I had not given them proper credit in the past and had just taken them for granted … until I realized I was in trouble … and then I gave them serious consideration.

In the Christian life, “the knees” are often used metaphorically to speak of the activity of prayer. For many believers, to a varying degree, I fear that our spiritual knees are taken for granted just as much as our physical ones. We don’t pay much serious attention to them until we are in trouble. We may ignore the telegraphed signals to our conscience from the Holy Spirit, warning of trouble ahead. We may even avoid falling into serious trouble with an adjustment here or there to our lifestyle. But eventually, such inattention is bound to catch up to us … and “surgery” is likely to be needed. My encouragement to you is that you not learn the hard way that prayer has a significant role in contributing to the normal function of the spiritual life. Pay attention to your “knees”. Take care of them and they will go a long way toward taking care of you!