Wild Dream Report

I awakennorwex-impr-qual-lifeed this morning at 4am feeling the flush of victory!

It all started at a vendor fair where my girlfriend had set up a wonderful display of her Norwex cleaning supplies and was doing a brisk business as she supplied people with the equipment to get rid of their cleaning chemicals and thereby make their homes a safer place.  I was there to assist and was minding my own business when I noticed a competitor setting up a booth next to ours.  The vendors were two tall women with long black hair, blue jeans and spike heels (don’t ask … I don’t construct the dreams, I just report them).  Being the polite and gracious man that I usually am (I said usually), I simply nodded my head, smiled and watched.

It was when these women started taking the hand of Linda’s customers and pulling them toward their booth while chanting the praises of their product and denigrating the qualities of Norwex that I took action.  I grabbed a Norwex telescoping mop handle and extended it to it’s full length feet of seventy feet (again … I don’t construct the dreams) at which point it became a light saber that glowed Norwex blue, and buzzed as I swung it.  The spike heeled women also had light sabers, though much shorter than mine and glowing red.

The battle was a short one.  I quickly took the advantage, knocking their light sabers from their hands after which I separated the arm of one and the leg of the other from their body.  They quickly ran away (even the one missing a leg) and I destroyed their display booth.  When it was over I turned to the beautiful blonde blue-eyed Norwex Consultant and handed her the Norwex mop handle.  She threw her arms around my neck and planted a big one on my cheek!  And then I awoke and had to go to the bathroom.

The moral of the dream?  Who knows, but one of them may be that even in your wildest dreams, Norwex can’t be beat!

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