Yard Buddy

IMG_20160416_102555305The weather was tailor-made for yard work today!  I’m so thankful that my girlfriend is of the sort that likes to play in the dirt.  I don’t mind some sorts of yard work but whatever it is, it is always more fun when there is someone working beside you.  I sometimes pause in my work to just watch her, without her being aware, as she moves about and pulls the weeds, rakes the leaves, or plants the flowers.  With her dirty hands, mud smeared shirt, flushed face and tousled hair she is to me a gorgeous vision and as wonderful a yard ornament as a man could ever hope to have!  Thank you Schmoo!
IMG_20160416_102613256 IMG_20160416_103039476 IMG_20160416_103228575 IMG_20160416_104331869_HDR