September Prayer Letter

Dear Friends,

Fall has arrived here in Iowa and the leaves are beginning to turn colors.  It is a gradual process which, over a period of weeks, will paint the landscape with what is in some cases, breathtaking beauty.  The farmer’s fields are turning from green to brown and gold as the corn and beans mature and ready themselves for harvest. One suddenly realizes that the summer is over and, if you are like us, you will also realize that there are still too many things to be done before winter.

Our August trip to California was a pleasant one and between the Memorial Service and ministry in two different places, Linda and I managed to drive over 1200 miles in California with less than 100 of them on the freeways.  The back roads treated us to some wonderful sights, including a trip through the Mojave Desert!  While we enjoyed seeing family, and fellowshipping with the folks of Menifee Bible Church and Atwater Community Bible Church, it was good to be back home and get back into the familiar traces of ministry where:

  • We continue to serve the church plant in St. Louis as we search for a pastor for that body of believers.  Please pray that God would provide someone who can lead them on in growth and outreach to their community on the north side of St. Louis.  They are just a few miles from the community of Ferguson and while that community hasn’t been in the headlines lately I think it is a fair prediction that they will be again before it’s all over.  Pray for the church’s safety and ministry in a “charged” atmosphere.
  • I’ve also been supplying pulpit ministry for two Iowa churches without pastors.  Mapleton IA is a supporting church and we’ve been blessed to share the Word with them.  Pray that they’ll find a shepherd for the flock there soon.
  • Hope Bible Church in Columbus Junction IA just lost their pastor as he moved to Michigan to establish a ministry to veterans.  They are early on in the search process.  There is good potential there and a wonderful group of God’s people.  Pray that God would guide them through that process.
  • Summit Bible Church, in the Chicago area is in the process of processing a candidate.  They’ve been a long time without a Pastor due to very unusual circumstances.  Pray that God would provide a man soon to move that church to the next level of ministry.
  • MCE is going through some significant changes as well.  Dan Nave has been the MCE training director since 2004, the year we opened MCE and he has pastored Heritage Bible Church in Remington IN (an MCE Church Plant).  The Naves have been led of the Lord to step out in faith to open a new agency to serve eight southeastern states. So, as this month concludes Dan’s term of service with us. The new agency, called Southeast Church Extension, is launching its ministry to plant IFCA churches in KY, TN, VA, NC, SC, GA, AL, and MS. We will miss Dan’s ministry with MCE … but we also rejoice that we are participating in the establishment of not just another church, but another agency which will be starting more churches.  Pray for Dan and Cheryl as they begin this venture.
  • This means that there are changes taking place in the workings of MCE as our Executive Director, Henry Vosburgh, will be stepping in as interim pastor at Heritage Bible Church along with HBC Associate Pastor Chris Allen.  It is our hope to have the church prepared to graduate by the end of 2015. Pray for us as we seek to bring the church to that point.
  • Also pray for the resulting adjustments to the work distribution in the Mission staff as Henry steps into pastoral responsibilities, while also seeking to lead and guide the other MCE projects around the Midwest.

Our family is doing well and we look forward to each time we are able to enjoy the antics of the two little girls, Lucy and Margaret (see pics below).  It’s a wonderful privilege, being a grandparent of such little ones!  Pray that we will be worthy examples and an influence used of God to bring them to an early faith in the Lord Jesus.

Pray for continued safety as we travel the roads from weekend to weekend, serving the people of God in ministry.  I am so grateful to the Lord for my traveling companion who faithfully accompanies me and so greatly enhances my life and ministry.  I am also thankful for those of you who accompany us with your prayers!

As I look around at the turning leaves, the browning corn and golden beans I am certainly reminded of the fact that Harvest time is here.  But I cannot avoid the fact that the time of spiritual harvest is ALWAYS with us.  People need to hear the Gospel with clarity and urgency.  That’s why we are involved in the ministry of church planting.  I thank you for being involved with us as well!

Under His Feathers,

Tim & Linda Jeske

P.S.  Gifts of support should be sent to Midwest Church Extension, P.O. Box 337, Remington IN. 47977.

P.S.S. If you would like to receive this letter by e-mail, we’d be happy to accommodate you.  Please drop me a note with your preferred e-mail address and I’ll take care of it.  Thanks!

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