Praying While You Sleep

lucybedDear Mini-Muffin,

Grammy and I had such a great time watching you for a few hours last night while Daddy and Mommy went out on a date.  I stepped into    your room this morning while you still slept and enjoyed watching you for several minutes as I reflected on what a wonderful spot of joy you have the ability to create around you wherever you go.

I do not know the words to fully describe the feeling that comes over my heart when you wrap your little fingers around mine and pull me from my seat saying, “come”, and then you lead me to where you want me and say “sit”.  I giggled (yes I did) yesterday as I watched you grab Grammy’s skirt and pull her along saying, “come” … and then “sit”, and then upon having pulled her into your tent, issuing the command, “play”.

As I stood by your bed this morning, those memories prompted me to pray for you in a special way.  First of all, I prayed that someday, not to many years from now, your own heart will respond when you hear Jesus by His Spirit, invite you to “Come”.  My prayer is that you will not only hear but that you will, in saving faith, take His hand and follow Him as He leads you.  That you will “Sit” at his feet and give him your full attention as He equips and teaches you to participate in the adventure of the Christian life.

Then, I also prayed that you might never stop taking people by the hand and saying “Come”.  My hope and prayer is that someday you will be known for taking people by the hand and saying, “Come to the Savior” … and then inviting them to “Sit” at His feet together with you.  Lucy, I just spent two days in a Missions Conference where there were two sisters who have served the Lord on the mission field by simply saying “Come to Jesus” for over 70 years.  What a marvelous possibility that someday, you may have such a legacy too!

Any day now, Lucy, you are going to have the cool experience of welcoming a little sister into your life.  Life is going to change for you in some respects.  Life is full of changes and this is, perhaps the first major one that you will navigate.  I just heard your Daddy tell you a moment ago that you are not a baby anymore … that you are a toddler.  I suppose that will become more and more evident as the “new baby” makes her presence known.   Remember that Daddy and Mommy … and Grammy and I will always love you just as much as we always have … and we always will.  And we will love Margo as well!  I prayed that Margo’s entrance into your life will be start of a lifelong friendship.  That’s important!  Brothers and Sisters are ALWAYS brothers and sisters, but unfortunately they are not always “friends”.  I have already begun to pray that Margo will come to the Savior as well.

Before I left your room, I prayed for your Grammy who will be tasked with “keeping up with you” a good part of the time while your house gets adjusted to the presence of your little sister right after she arrives.  Grammy may still be able to get down on the floor and crawl into your tent to play with you.  And she can still hold you on her hip as she walks around doing various things.  And she loves to do those things.  Take it easy on her though and don’t wear her out too much.  She’s got work to do in the yard when she comes home!

I love you, Mini-Muffin … and I love your Mommy (Muffin) and your Daddy (The Muffin Man)