Happy Birthday With A Twist

happy-birthday-shakespeareFor many years, I’ve been wishing my mother a “Happy Birthday” twice a year.  Once on March 24th, the date of her birth, and once on February 11.  She was at first puzzled by my birthday greetings on February 11th until I explained.  You see, I was born on February 11th.  The day of my birth was just as much a day of birth for her as for me.  I’ve enjoyed reminding her of that for a long time now.

It was with a great deal of inner satisfaction then, when my daughter, Charissa, wished her Mom a happy birthday today.  Linda’s birthday is not until June 16, but she gave birth to our youngest son, Mitch on the 30th of March.

I don’t know if Charissa was aware of my habit with her grandmother as it relates to Birthday greetings.  If she was, I’m gratified that she’s carrying on the tradition.  If she wasn’t, I’m elated that she has thinking processes similar to mine!  🙂

Adding to the fun is the fact that I was born the second time on the date of my Mom’s birthday (the one in March) when I trusted Christ as my Savior.  So on February 11 you can wish a Happy Birthday to both my Mom and me.  And on March 24 you can do the same!

Happy Birthday … one and all … and whenever it suits you.

Mitch … I hope you had a wonderful celebration of your Mother’s birthday today!