The Cake Is Baked

Approximately 72 hours from the beginning to end, involving 6 men and 80 man hours we have the 300′ of drainage tile plus another 30 feet of transport pipe installed at the homestead here.   The cake is baked but it needs to be iced.  My girlfriend and I will need to do the icing; cleaning up the yard and topping off the trenches with 2-3″ of topsoil.  A whole bunch of thanks go to John Routley, Ron Bensink, Evan Ronnerud, Mitch Jeske and Ryan Peterson.  These guys worked hard and worked through several challenges that we faced in the course of the project.  When we get our next torrential rainfall … if we still get water coming in the basement they will be among the first people we call 🙂 (Just kidding).

My body is protesting … I’m already feeling the beginning of cramps in my legs.  I’m hitting the Ibuprofen bottle, eating bananas and drinking lots of water but I’m pretty certain tonight will have some episodes of intense pain.  If you have a remedy for that I’d like to hear it.  They are really annoying and painful.

Aside from the work we accomplished, I thoroughly enjoyed working together with Ryan (son-in-law) and Mitch (son) on a project. Watching them work, however, doing things that I know I can no longer physically do … made me feel just a little old :-(.   I’m glad that my girlfriend is so much younger 🙂