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My love and I have arrived at home again after a very enjoyable time away. While the whole weekend was enjoyable, there were some particular things which were especially so: minimal time on the computer and even then, just for the purpose of updating friends and family of our activities pleasant weather for driving in […]

Absolved, Acquitted, Accepted …. O Blessed Thought!

“Who shall lay any thing to the charge of God’s elect?” (Rom. 8:33). What a blessed rhetorical question (the answer to which is clearly “Nobody”).  Woke up today with that phrase in my head and reveled in the fact that every one of my sins was laid upon my Savior at the Cross and was […]

Minnesota Getaway

It has been a relaxing day today.  We slept late and then made a leisurely drive to Burnsville where we spent a few hours browsing Antiques Minnesota Antique Mall and finding some nice vintage jewelry to sell in our e-Bay store.  I enjoy doing this together with my sweetheart.  I like the bling pieces … […]

I Just Love Teresa!

I am of the opinion that the composition of tech support teams is based upon finding those who must be below a very low threshold when it comes to having a command of the English language.  Furthermore, they must be people who have a minimal ability to think independently about anything that is not written […]

Computer Died but the Cat Lives

Noelle is sleeping peacefully on the rocking-chair as Linda and I sit on the love seat; she reading a book and me listening to Old Time Radio.  Coffee is brewing in the kitchen so that we can enjoy it with some Schwann’s cinnamon buns before drawing the shade on this day. This day began with […]

Going to See The King!

Generally speaking, I think of myself as being relatively Vulcan-like (as in ST’s Spock) when it comes to the control of my emotions.  There are some exceptions, of course.  Once in a while, my emotions betray me and I am reminded that I am not Vulcan at all.  The weekend has been a good one […]

Random Stuff

There is something about a squirrel interrupting a Major League play-off game that is just plain “fun”.  Having it happen on two consecutive nights is just plain squirrely!  St. Louis officials are now using traps with peanut butter to try to capture the critters.  I don’t want that to work :-).  Squirrels are smart creatures, […]

Strength Isn’t Everything!

My body began its punishment regimen last Friday and ever since then, muscles that are usually only called upon occasionally have been strenuously used almost continuously during the daylight hours except for Sunday, when I got to relax and preach!  🙂  Tomorrow should see the end of it and I’ll likely be finishing up alone. […]

Final Push

The process of human birth often concludes with what is referred to in the delivery room as “one more push”.  In similar fashion, the birth of our drainage system will conclude tomorrow with “one more push”.  This push, appropriately enough, will be made by my sweet wife with me by her side as we move […]

The Cake Is Baked

Approximately 72 hours from the beginning to end, involving 6 men and 80 man hours we have the 300′ of drainage tile plus another 30 feet of transport pipe installed at the homestead here.   The cake is baked but it needs to be iced.  My girlfriend and I will need to do the icing; […]