A Church Wedding

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make me a match,
Find me a find, catch me a catch
Matchmaker, Matchmaker look through your book,
And make me a perfect match

Nearly two years ago I began to pray to God, on behalf of a dear friend, in a way that might be said to have expressed the sentiments of Chava and Hodel (Fiddler on the Roof).  The dear friend was Calvary Bible Church of Osceola.  The church, being pastored on two occasions in the psat by good friends of mine, was without a pastor and in need of “God’s choice” of a man to lead her into the future in effective fulfillment of the Great Commission.  Yesterday it was my great privilege to preside over the “wedding” as we officially installed Pastor Matt Floyd.  Matt’s Pastor, Jim Scudder Jr. (Quentin Road Bible Baptist Church, Lake Zurich IL) was present as was his father, Dr. Mike Floyd (Dayspring Bible College, Lake Zurich IL).  Dr. Floyd issued the charge to his son, now the Pastor of Calvary Bible Church, urging him to feed his people the Word “in season and out of season“.  Pastor Henry Vosburgh (Midwest Church Exension) issued the charge to the church, urging them to follow their pastor in Loving the Son of God, the Word of God and the People of God and in Working together in Ministry,  in Unity and While it is yet day.

The vows were exchanged by the Pastor:

Pastor Matt, have you thoughtfully and prayerfully considered the duties, responsibilities, required sacrifice and hard labor of shepherding the flock of God in the ministry of a local church?

Do you solemnly promise that to the utmost of your ability, and by God’s grace, you will faithfully perform the duties of pastoral office here at Calvary Bible Church and that in and out of the pulpit, both by word and deed, you will steadfastly endeavor to love and protect, teach and lead, train and challenge to greater service those whom God sees fit to bring under the influence of your ministry in this local church in ways that are consistent with the principles of God’s word?

And by the church:

Do you, the members of Calvary Bible Church, acknowledge the care of God for His church in His provision of this man to shepherd the flock of God in the ministry of this local church.

Do you solemnly promise, individually and corporately, that by God’s grace and to the utmost of your ability in ways that are consistent with the principles of God’s word, you will by both word and deed faithfully love and care for, support and encourage, follow and submit to and to serve together with this one whom God has provided as the shepherd of this flock?

Having the privilege of serving in this capacity was the capstone on a great day in which we remembered God’s faithfulness in the past, His care in the present and His promises for the future!  In that confidence, as the new couple … Pastor Matt and Calvary Bible Church fulfill thier vows to one another, their testimony will be sounded abroad as God blesses this union with fruit … to His own glory!

To God Be the Glory!