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Cool Logo Design Source

If you are looking for a cool option for affordable logos, this is the place.  Check it out!

Critical Lessons Regarding Criticism

Over the years of my ministry I’ve put up with, and sometimes been seriously injured by, a fair (although at times I thought “unfair”) share of criticism from others … sometimes from those whom I loved dearly.  My attitude, dress, beard, leadership style, mode of transportation, Sunday afternoon activities, and even my height have been subjects of criticism.  […]

S’more S’mores Please

I just ate a bag of S’Mores.  It’s a Fit & Active diet snack (just 90 calories) made for guys that want to change their body profile so that it casts less of a shadow.  Have you ever made “real s’mores” by the campfire?  Hot toasted golden brown and gooey marshmallows pressed between two graham […]

Developing Next Generation Leaders

I read this today and thought it particularly relevant to addressing the struggle we have in identifying and grooming leadership for the local church.  I have witnessed many of the things that the author describes.  Churches that will survive more than a generation and continue having a vital impact on their community MUST learn to […]

Shock Coffee – Hi Octane Stuff

For those times when you need more than a “pick-me-up” – this stuff will not only pick you up … it will boot you out the door!  🙂

Garage Sale Woman Starts Her Climb On the Charts!

You will remember that I posted the lyrics that were inspired by a customer at my garage sale over the week-end.  While I had the lyrics I had no tune for them.  Well a reader (Danno) provided this demo of this song which is surely destined to become a hit!  Tell me what you think!  […]

Hindus, Muslims, Mosquitoes and Pastors

By Guest Blogger: Les Lofquist – Executive Director IFCA International I just returned from Guyana, South America where it was at least 100 degrees every day (often 110) and 95% humidity. Hindus, Muslims, mosquitoes, taking cold showers with frogs and lizards clinging to the shower walls, cows walking the streets, and cars driving on the left […]

Low View of God Requires a Low View of Scripture

This past Sunday I had the privilege of sitting in a worship service under the ministry of the Word (rather than being the one doing the ministry). The message was from 1 John 2 and, in exhorting us in regard to the test of our relationship with God, the speaker urged upon us the need […]

Biblical Christianity Makes Poor Opiate for Masses

by Guest Blogger, Alexandra Armstrong  I can’t help but chuckle to myself when, as recently, I hear folks haul out Karl Marx’s mid-19th century quote: “Religion is the opiate of the masses.” It’s used to make the point that religion provides a cheap means for people to sedate themselves from the realities of this cruel […]

A Garage Sale Woman

Well, the garage sale is over and I was pleased to net 293.00.  I also still have an inflatable whale in case anyone is interested.  It’s priced at .25 One of my customers inspired a song that I’d like to share with you.  It has no tune yet … perhaps there is someone out there […]